A Great Riding Experience

If you have been in search of a bike that allows you to ride comfortably while enjoying the scenery around you, look no further because Sixthreezero has the perfect bike for you.

Bike Selection

Sixthreezero's beach cruisers come in a variety of sizes, color combinations and speed options so that you can find a beach bike that's right for you no matter what your style is. There is even a modern step through electric bike that's getting popular today.

Best Prices

We won't take advantage of the want for beach cruisers by over pricing ours, we want everyone to be able to afford a Sixthreezero bike and enjoy life a little more.

85% Pre-built

To make sure that you're able to try your new beach cruiser out as quickly as possible after it arrives, we've done most of the work for you and shipped it to you already 85% assembled.

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No matter what kind of adventure you plan to go on, do it with a Sixthreezero beach cruiser. Shop online or in store today to find your new ride.